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Pamela Elizarraras (born 1997, Mexico City, Mexico) is a self taught documentary photographer based in New York City. She focuses in cultures and traditions as well as the youth climate movement.

Her passion for creatively bringing new things into existence brought her to pursue a BFA in Product Design in Parsons School of Design, where she began to make illustrations to raise awareness on the climate emergency as well as the ocean plastic pollution crisis. 

After graduating from her Masters in Photojournalism with a focus on Mixed Media she aspires to make a difference by bringing awareness to global issues, focusing specifically on the cultures that are being threatened by the Climate Crisis.


Self-taught in documentary and street photography. She has devoted herself to portraying cultures from all around the world as a way to educate those who are unaware of the cultures outside of theirs. For each shot, she aspires to capture an emotional rawness through the authentic representation of the culture, moment, person, and landscape. 

She has lived in three countries, Mexico, Switzerland, and USA, traveled through 42 countries, and visited numerous indigenous communities throughout Asia, Africa, and America.


  • United Nations Youth Climate Leader, UN Youth Climate Summit. 2019
  • United Airlines Her Art Here: Second Place Finalist
  • World Photography Organization: Honorable Mention
  • Adobe Project 1324: World Can't Wait. 2018
  • Photographer's Forum Best of: 2019-2015
  • International Photography Awards, Somerset House. 2015

Selected Patrons 

Voluntary Clients

  • United Airlines
  • Extinction Rebellion
  • Fridays For Future

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